Brighton BC-03 Ukulele Capo


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  • Made of high-grade Aluminum Alloy,works on Ukulele guitar accessories
  • Lightweight,portable and durable.Easy to use,quick release guitar accessories
  • Easily re-position with one hand,keep all strings perfectly pressed and always in tune.
  • High Quality soft Silicone Pad Protects your ukulele neck against any scratches or damage.
  • Classic design,exquisite finish on the surface (no scratches and paint falling off ).ROHS complian
  • - It adjust perfectly to your hand thanks to the long aluminium handle.
  • - It is easily applied and adjusted with one hand,the rubber mouth of it is simply the best.
  • - It works perfectly on ukulele Strings With streamlined design and exquisite workmanship,it is just a jewel.
  • - Resistance to fatigue quality silicone protective pads protects your valuable instruments.

- Body Material:High-grade Aluminum Alloy

- Spring Material:High performance memory Steel Spring

- Protective Pads:Environment-friendly soft Silicone

- Gross Weight:40g