Caline CP-17 “Time Space” Echo Delay


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CP-17 “Time Space” Echo Delay

 The Time Space is capable of making some great slapback tones as well as some longer delays by properly manipulating the time and repeat controls. You can also create some crazy oscillation type effects when really pushing the repeat knob. An digital pedal but still sounds very natural.



1. True bypass

2. Delay Time range: 25ms ~ 600ms.

3. Power Requirement: 9V DC center negative

4. Current consumption: 30mA

5. Product Dimensions: 11.9x9.4x3.8cm

6. Weight:0.35kgs


Packaging information:

1. Dimensions of single box: 14.1x12.2x7.3cm

2. QTY / CTN: 30PCS

3. Dimensions of Carton:45x26x38cm

4. Weight /CTN: 13.5kgs