Caline CP-42 Candy Floss Fuzz


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  • Infulenced by the Dunlop Fuzz Face.
  • Buffer high frequency boost switch.
  • Vol and Fuzz control. The last knob works to cut noise.
  • True bypass.

A new Fuzz pedal from Caline with some extra utility. The fuzz on this pedal is infulenced by the Dunlop Fuzz face however it has some extra features too. The buffer control can give a boost to the high when switched down which is great for cutting through the mix.

The (currently unlabelled ) cut knob is an interesting addition. Turned all the way clockwise it seems to function like a standard fuzz pedal with plenty of sustain (and of course noise). However turning the dial anti clockwise seems to change the threshold where the signal cuts. This is great for crisp individual notes which are immediately palm muted as not to ring out. Adjustment will be required to find the perfect level for your playing.