Caline Head Room CP-34 Vintage Distortion


Regular price $35.00

  • Distortion pedal great for classic rock.
  • Fat and chunky sounding.
  • Think RAT style distortion.
  • Solo, Turbo and Normal modes.
  • True bypass.

Yet another amazing sounding distortion pedal from Caline, this one is towards the dirtier end of the spectrum with the CP-34. The pedal has a good amount of bite and can do wonders for your tone. It’s not just another generic distortion pedal.

The pedal has a Volume, Filter and Distortion control and a 3 way selector switch with Solo, Turbo and Normal modes. This switch adjusts the frequencies in a subtle but useable way and the other controls still allow a good amount of control over your tone.

Like all Caline pedals the Head Room is true bypass and runs off a 9v power supply or battery.