G-Force 16 Inch Junior Children Drum Set 5 Piece Child Kids Full Function Wood Color (AW)


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G-Force 16 Inch Junior Children Drum Set 5 Piece Child Kids Assorted Colors  with Adjustable Throne, Cymbal, Pedal & Drumsticks, Full Function Wood Color

This high-quality beginner drum set includes everything a new drummer needs to start playing music. This particular set comes with a throne, cymbal, pedal and a great set of drumsticks. Not only does it play well, but metal and polar wood ensure that the set will last a long time. Unlike other beginner drum sets, this particular set also comes with both a hi-hat and a crash cymbal.


      • All-in-One - Drum Set is an 'all-in-one' solution for the aspiring young drummer.
      • Small Footprint - Drums & cymbal are mounted off the bass drum for easy set up while providing a small footprint, taking up minimal space.
      • Elegance Style - Its glossy finish adds elegance and style that makes it a great buy!
      • Adjustable Stool - Comes with an adjustable stool and a pair of drumsticks.
      • Beginner Set - Makes a great beginner's kit.
      • Enjoyment - Drum kit makes the ultimate gift and will provide countless hours of enjoyment.
      • Everything Included - It includes everything needed to get off to a great start.
      • Fully Function - It is a fully functional drum set designed specifically for young drummers.
      • Premium Quality - Premium quality and Easy to read set up instructions (Assembly is required)
      • Recommended Ages 10- adult
      • Material: Metal + Polar Wood
      • Hardware: Yes
      • Bass Pedal: Yes
      • Throne: Yes
      • Snare: Yes
      • Bass Drum Size: 16" x 11"
      • Snare Drum Size: 10" x 6"
      • 8" Hi-Hat with Chain Driven Cymbal and Stand, 10" Crash Cymbal with Bass Drum Mounted Stand
      • Tom Toms  10" x 5" and 8" x 6"
      • Assembly Required: Yes

Package Include:

    • Tom Drum
    • Snare Tom Drum
    • Drum Bass
    • Cymbals
    • Drum Pedal
    • 2 x Drum Stick
    • Stool