GAEA Capo CC-06


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  • EASY TO PUT ON:  GAEA Capo was designed for fast and convenient key changes on stage. With smooth clamping action, this capo can be easily moved with one hand, or parked on the headstock when not in use.
  • CALIBRATED SPRING TENSION: The smart-alloy spring is calibrated to apply just the right amount of pressure evenly across the fretboard. This means no fret buzz, less retuning, and great intonation.
  • STYLE MEETS FUNCTION: With its unique shape and upgraded styling, GAEA Capo protects the guitar neck with soft resilient rubber, and eliminates tone deadening that's commonly found in other trigger capos.
  • OPTIMIZED FOR GUITAR: This capo is ideal for the radiused fingerboards of 6-string acoustic and electric guitars, and comes complete in a protective METAL CARRYING CASE for safe transport and storage.