Lyman LMT-120R Hybrid Amp Head


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The Lyman LMT-120R is a dual channel 100 watt hybrid tube head that allows players to reach a wide variety of volumes and tones. The LMT-120R is a hybrid amp, featuring a tube preamp section and a solid state power section. This allows the amp to maintain the much sought after tube amp guitar tone while providing maximum stability in the power section. While most tube amps will have tone differences depending on the amps volume, the LMT-120R's hybrid technology allows the amp to maintain the same tone whether the amp is set at one or eleven. 


Channels Two

Clean: Volume, Bass, Mid, Treble

Dirty: Distortion, Volume, Bass, Middle, Treble

Both: Reverb

Inputs High & Low 1/4"; RCA Aux 
Output Power 100 watts
Tubes 1 12AU7 Preamp Tubes 
Speaker Outputs 8 Ohm; Headphone Output w/ Cabinet Simulator 
Effects Loop Send & Return 
Footswitch Included