Nose Stutter Box


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This is the coolest little pedal ever! The Nose Voltilizer controls the voltage output to analog effect pedals. By controlling the voltage output of other effect pedals, you can create a wide variety of new sounds. It sounds great on a fuzz pedal to create very spitty, gated, and broken up fuzz. Reduce the voltage on a boost pedal to turn it into an overdrive pedal, almost like adding a reverse gain knob. Add a depth knob to timed effects like certain phasers without a depth knob. Increase the length of delay on analog delay pedals, or even use it as a dimmer control for the LEDs on our true bypass loopers. Try the Voltilizer out on all types of analog effects to see what happens. It turns the modded Boss DS-1 in the video into a weird, randomized, tremolo effect. It even has a dimmer controlled LED – as you turn down the voltage, the LED will dim.