NuX Mighty 30SE Programmable Digital Amplifier

Cherub Technologies

Regular price $159.00

  • MIGHTY 30SE is the new generation of NUX programmable amplifier.
  • Thanks to the original TS/AC Technology the tone of MIGHTY 30SE is full of dynamics and touch responsive!
  • You can save up to 16 presets!
  • You can connect the MIGHTY 30SE to computer via its USB jack for system update and tone editing.
  • With the optional MP-1 footswitch pedal, you can switch presets, boost volume for solo, switch effects/delay/reverb, and TAP tempo!
  • You can go to your next gig with only a guitar and the MIGHTY 30SE! 
  • Hey, don’t forget you still need a guitar cable.


TS/AC technology, Clean, 6 Distortion types, 4 Modulation effects, Delay and Reverb, 3-band EQ, Solo Boost, 16 presets, Built-in tuner, USB port for system update and tone editing.
Remote footswitch pedal for switching presets, boost volume, switching effects delay/reverb and do TAP Tempo (Optional MP-1)
CD/MP3 IN, Headphones / Mixer Out.