VHT Dyna-Chorus Compressor & Chorus Effects Pedal

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The Compact and easy to use VHT Dyna-Chorus Dual Pedal features completely independent Compressor and Analog Stereo Chorus Functions. The Compressor section is based on a classic trans conductance amplifier design with modern improvements and additional enhancements. The Chorus section has a 2nd output jack that can be configured for wet or dry operation. Both sections have independent true bypass footswitches.

Classic Dyna-style compressor with stereo analog chorus in one pedal. The compressor and chorus are completely independent and true bypass.

MODEL NAME: VHT Dyna-Chorus Pedal
OUTPUTS: Stereo - Wet/Dry Switch for Output 2
CHORUS CONTROLS: Speed, Tone, Depth
COMPRESSOR CONTROLS: Attach, Presence, Level, Compression